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Sexier video chat. Sorry, we have gathered to leave, when suddenly we saw a couple of burly guys with two girls, go around the corner.

It was evident that they are just that bathed. We went with Oksana around the corner and saw the sign “Sauna”.

When we stopped at the door, us, met a friendly young woman, 29-30 years, and asked:
- What do you want?
- A pool does not work, asked her Oksana.

- No, but a sauna, and from it have access to the pool, around 25h10 meters, especially for customers sauna.
- And it is expensive, said Oksana, and then my brother and I like to swim, and this much money was taken.

- For you, I will do a discount, she said, so to speak at the child fare. 450 rubles per person, and for four hours the room is completely at your disposal suit.

- Okay, I’ll run home, take the remaining money and come running back, I said, giving her 600 rubles, and sister until, let comes. Sexier video chat.

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